Meet Tabitha

St. Francis de Sales Sophomore Tabitha Delion plans a future in film

Tabitha Delion was always interested in the film industry, but after a ten day summer experience in New York City, she has set her goal to work as writer/director in the film industry.  She believes SFDSHS will help her reach her goal.

In NYC last summer, Tabitha experienced and learned many things –including technical things such as what cameras are best and motivational stories on how to be successful and reach your goals.

Tabitha knows she has to work hard – not just some of the time.  She knows she can do that because she already does work hard. In just her first year and a half at St. Francis de Sales she has already participated in numerous activities including Soccer, Student Council, STARS, Chess Club, Podcasting and Yearbook.  She believes these activities will help her reach her dream job. On Student Council, she was the Historian documenting the year in words and pictures. On Podcasting Club, she learned about storytelling. And through all these activities with her school work, she was reminded that hard work makes a difference.

Coming from George Washington School, Tabitha likes the small class sizes at SFDSHS where she knows all the teachers and they know her. Mr. Stowe, her art teacher, is one her favorite teachers because he pushes his students to go above and beyond. While setting high expectations for his students, he manages to keep a smile on his face and keep the joy in education. He inspires Tabitha to be her best.

When Tabitha first got to New York City, she was nervous traveling around the city, staying in the dorms and taking classes at the NY Film Academy.  But over time, she felt more comfortable and she learned so much. She heard different speakers, stayed on the campus of Manhattan College, worked as a managing editor on her film project and created a website. It was an eye-opening experience.

One woman who spoke, BJ Simons, made empowering videos. She told the students to work hard, to network, to follow their dreams and to be empowered to make the change they want. And that is what Tabitha will do as she follows her dreams while at St. Francis de Sales and after she graduates, in college and in the film industry.