Meet Cheyenne

As an equestrian, it is fair to say Cheyenne, sophomore at St. Francis de Sales, LOVES horses. She has been riding for 13 years and hopes and plans on going to the Olympics one day.  She is both an athlete and a student and knows that to reach her dreams, she has to work hard in school and in the stable.

Cheyenne is an athlete having played both volleyball and softball at SFDS, but her lifelong sport is as an Equestrian.  “My love/interest for horses all started when I was two years old. My trainer Lauren owned a chestnut warm blood. He was the very first horse I ever rode and after that day my parents decided to keep me in lessons. As the years went on, I knew it was my goal in life to train and care for these animals” said Cheyenne.

Cheyenne’s goals expand beyond riding and showing horses to caring for the animals. “I work with other large animals such as cows, sheep, chickens, etc. I know how to care for a sick and injured animal. As this will help with my chances of getting into a good vet school.”

She hopes to be a veterinarian and that means she has to work hard in school and that she does. “My teacher that has had an impact on me would have to be my theology teacher Mr. Fennessy. He uses personal lessons from his life to teach. He has always believed in me, and always told me to believe in myself.”

Cheyenne has a dream college too. She hopes to get a scholarship to her dream college, St. George, in Kentucky.  ”After SFDSHS I plan on moving to Kentucky and doing my work there, training horses and showing them”.

Cheyenne is thankful for her experience at St. Francis de Sales “St. Francis de Sales helps me with my goals. I am getting a good education and learn more every day, lessons that I can apply to my future studies in college and graduate school” and Cheyenne says it is more than just academics. “I have formed the best friends here and have the most the amazing teachers who motivate me to do my best, and push to me to face the challenges that life will throw at me.”  

We are thankful to have Cheyenne as part of our community at St. Francis de Sales!

Student: Cheyenne, Class of 2019
Grammar School: Annunciata
Goal: Veterinarian
Interests: Horses