St. Francis de Sales promotes integrity in every part of one’s life. This includes all aspects of academic work, such as exams, quizzes, homework, assignments, papers, and so forth. It is the student’s responsibility to avoid behavior that might be construed by a reasonable person as cheating. This also includes the individual who aides in academic dishonesty by providing another student answers or work. St. Francis de Sales regards plagiarism, or the representation of someone else’s work, as if it were his or her own, as seriously as cheating on an exam or quiz and will treat plagiarism as such. The consequences for academic dishonesty are as follows:

  1. A zero (0) for that particular homework assignment, paper, quiz, exam or other academic work
  2. Parental notification by teacher
  3. Parent meeting with the teacher, the Curriculum Director, and the student
  4. Other disciplinary and/or academic consequences, as determined by the Curriculum Director.

Repeated occurrences of cheating will result in further academic and disciplinary action, with a recommendation to the principal for expulsion.