The Dean of Students relieves school administrators and teachers of the arduous task of dealing with disciplinary matters, enabling them to focus on the business of imparting knowledge to our young men and women. This process prevents instructional time from being compromised by disciplinary matters. The Dean of Students’ key responsibilities are to define rules of conduct and standards of discipline; develop, in collaboration with the guidance department, specific mentoring and peer counseling programs; establish procedures for reporting and dealing with incidents of discipline; lead discipline enforcement; maintain records of student’s conduct, attendance and punctuality and; establish a critical incident management team, often referred to as the Discipline Board within our school.

Additionally, the Dean of Students is also mandated to provide intervention for student’s discipline issues; develop appropriate programs to promote positive behavior; monitor, develop and implement student behavior contracts; keep a log of student’s attendance and truancy issues; communicate disciplinary concerns to parents and staff; ensure the overall safety of the school premises; and maintain participation in the process of screening for acceptance and transfer of students with behavioral and other problems.