Meet Natalia

Natalia Hill, a senior at St. Francis de Sales (SFDS), talks about her experiences at SFDS and what advice she has for incoming families.

Why did you choose St. Francis de Sales?

I chose St. Francis de Sales High School because at the time all my friends from St. John de La Salle were attending and I also had friends already attending so I thought it would be fun to be with all my friends. Then, after the entrance exam, I got a scholarship, so it made the decision easy!

What do you plan to do after your graduation?

After college I will be majoring in nursing with the hopes that I will eventually go to medical school to be a pediatric surgeon. Nursing will enable me to make money in the profession while I continue to work toward the future goals.

Where do you think you will go to college next year?

I have applied to ten schools and heard from six so far -- I have been accepted to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Northern Illinois, Eastern Illinois, St. Ambrose University, Clark Atlanta University and University of Illinois at Chicago. I got a merit scholarship from St Ambrose.


What would you tell an incoming freshman family as to why they might consider St. Francis de Sales?

First, the teachers are great! Mr. Fennessy has been a big help on the college process and my theology teacher, Mr. Warner, is amazing. He gave me the opportunity to get to know who I am and to get closer to God. I am also able to talk with Mr. Warner about anything after our Kairos retreat. Second, you can do a lot at St. Francis de Sales. It is good to be at a small school. My freshman year I played basketball. My sophomore year I played volleyball, my junior year I played volleyball and softball and my senior year I played volleyball and was the manager for the soccer team. I am a part of the National Honor Society. I am doing yearbook this year. I was a part of the Culinary and Chinese clubs. There are lots of opportunities here to get involved. If I could tell a family two reasons why their child should attend SFDS, I would say “your child will get a good education and make lots of friends because everyone at SFDS is welcoming and friendly.

What advice would you give an incoming freshman?

Three pieces of advice I would give an incoming freshman for their first year at SFDS would be: focus on your work, have fun, and make the best of all situations you are put in.