New Head Football Coach Named

John Terry returns to St. Francis as the Head Football Coach for the 2014-2015 school year.

St. Francis De Sales High School announced today that former football coach John Terry will return to lead the school’s football program next school year. Assisting Coach Terry will be Kevin Payne, David Cross and Victor Roberts. 

Coach Terry comes to St. Francis de Sales with nearly a decade of coaching experience. He started his career as a star linebacker and captain of the Simeon High School football team. His career continued as a starter and captain of the University of Dubuque football team. Before coming to St. Francis in 2011 as the assistant Varsity Coach and Offensive Coordinator, he coached at Dyett High School helping to lead the school to a conference Championship in 2009 and a state playoff birth, the first in the school’s history. Coach Terry knows what it takes to be a student athlete. In addition to football, he wrestled and participated in track and field at Simeon. “I am excited to be back and continue what we started two years ago. I know what St. Francis is capable of. We will have a strong football program and we will work together to make it happen. I expect our student athletes to work hard and to know their potential. We help them realize their potential,” said Coach Terry. 

This is the second athletic appointment announced this week by St. Francis. Earlier this week, St. Francis named Kevin Wolfe and Rex Martin as Varsity and Assistant Varsity boys basketball coaches. 

St. Francis leadership understands that athletics and extracurricular activities are critical to a student’s success and are moving to advance the school. “We are so pleased to have Coach Terry and his team back at St. Francis. Our football program will surely be strong with Coach Terry’s leadership. We are set for a great year next year at St. Francis with a strong and committed coaching staff for all our sport teams,” said Mary Reid, Director of Student Services. The new football staff will begin meeting with students and families this school year.


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