Each Catholic high school has a mission statement that reflects the charism of its patron saint, or the religious order that founded the institution. The charism pervades all aspects of daily school life and can be found in its classroom and on its athletic fields. Our school history reminds us that St. Francis de Sales was first and foremost a gentle person committed to life-long learning. His devout life reflects several virtues that we at St. Francis de Sales aspire to model in our daily lives, our Salesian virtues:

Gentleness: All people are called to civility and respect in their daily behavior. 

Holiness: All people are called to holiness in their everyday lives. 

Humility: All people are called to self-truthfulness about who they are and who God is toward them. 

Optimism: All people are called to recognize that sin, death, and the things that deny life will not triumph. 

Patience: All people are called to be patient with everyone, but especially with themselves. 

Presence: All people are called to live in the moment when salvation may be at hand. 

Relationality: All people are called to live out relationships in love.