Meet Juan

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Juan Gonzalez knows one thing about his college selection process: He has many good choices for college and all with sizable scholarship money.

When looking for a college, Juan wanted to stay local where he could get a degree in Computer Information Systems. Now he is choosing from many good schools including Loyola, DePaul, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Illinois Chicago St. Xavier, Eastern Illinois, Purdue NW and Roosevelt. He is leaning towards Illinois Tech because of his chosen major and the excellent job placement for Illinois Tech graduates.

Juan is happy and excited about his future. In college he wants to study and learn more about computers, technology and information systems. He plans on joining clubs, maybe running track and joining greek life.

Juan’s family is happy about all the acceptance letters and the financial support provided by each acceptance. Juan received over $500,000 in college scholarships!

St. Francis de Sales helped prepare Juan for college. “Mr. Fennessy was incredibly helpful, explaining the application process, helping me apply for scholarships and encouraging me along the way” said Juan. At SFDS, Juan learned about various software programs and through the technology club his Junior year, he learned about hardware and how to troubleshoot problems.

Reflecting on his experience and success, Juan offers good advice to sophomores and juniors: “Start Early! Applying to college, doing financial aid applications, looking for scholarships takes time, get a jump on the process early”. Juan also recommends taking the ACT test more than once because you gain confidence from practicing. Finally, he recommends dedicating time each day and each week to researching schools, filling out applications, applying for aid and talking to your teachers and Mr. Fennessy.

We are excited to hear about Juan’s success in college and look forward to him coming back to St. Francis de Sales to encourage others to follow in his footsteps.