Meet Gregory

Gregory is a junior and a Big Shoulders Fund Auxiliary Board Scholar at St. Francis de Sales High School.  When asked to speak at the annual Auxiliary Board dinner in September, Gregory and his parents were thrilled to have the opportunity to say thank you to the Auxiliary Board and to share some of his thoughts on the education he has received at St. Francis de Sales High School.

"Mrs. Ramirez, one of my teachers, told me that the Big Shoulders Auxiliary Board scholarship has supported dozens and dozens of St. Francis de Sales students over the years.

We make the most out of your contribution. We need it because although the school is a great one, we cannot do it alone.

St Francis de Sales is my school. The students inside are full of promise and our teachers see that promise. There is no doubt I am a proud Pioneer! Thank you for all you do to help all of us"

Choosing St. Francis de Sales was a family decision and one Gregory’s family agreed upon.

It was important to Gregory’s parents that he attend a school where he was safe and secure so he could focus his energy and time on academics while receiving the structure, faith, and character development delivered by a strong Catholic education. It was important for Gregory to be able to play all the sports he loves and to help bring the Pioneers success.

He has done both by playing basketball and baseball at St. Francis de Sales!

 Gregory’s favorite and most memorable moment at St Francis de Sales was during his sophomore year while playing varsity basketball.  That year the team went to the super-sectional game. “Sadly we lost, but at that moment I was so happy because we brought St Francis so far in the basketball season. You only go to high school once and not everyone gets the chance to do something like this.  Our team was so close and together we reached a goal that few thought we would that season!”

 When Gregory attended Coolidge Middle School, he had no idea at all what was ahead for him. He is happy with his St. Francis de Sales experience. And his parents? They are as well. This year they chose to have Gregory’s little sister join him at St. Francis de Sales as a freshman.  Soon we will be reading her story!