Meet Jack

Meet St. Francis de Sales Senior Jack Downs, Grant Thornton Scholarship Winner

Jack Downs is a senior at St. Francis de Sales High School. He chose St. Francis de Sales because of the small class sizes, individualized attention and the community support.  And each year he is more sure it was the right decision.

This last year, Jack was awarded through Big Shoulders Fund, the Grant Thornton Scholarship.  The Grant Thornton Scholarship is a two-year financial award that includes a two week summer internship.  Support and experience is one thing that makes this award unique.

This last summer Jack’s two-week internship at Grant Thornton had him working along side college interns. Jack worked with a number of accountants and other staff. While learning what they do at Grant Thornton, Jack was able to help out in different ways:

“At Grant Thornton, I learned how to use their scheduling program, how to use excel spreadsheet in a new way, and how to make some really good coffee!” said Jack.  

The opportunity of the internship gave him a taste for accounting.  Jack is not sure he wants to study accounting in college but he learned a lot during his experience.

“Even though I don't think I like accounting, I learned the value of hard work, and how to traverse my surroundings like an adult”.

Internships give experiences beyond the actual work. Jack met new people and saw the city in a new light heading down to the loop every day. It was also tons of fun!  

“Everyday, a different person took me out to lunch to whatever restaurant I chose. On my first week, the end of the fiscal year happened, and there was a big party in which we had food and a presentation from the CEO. The next week, the college interns left for the summer, and the company threw them a boat cruise. I was invited along and had lunch and a party on the boat.”  

For Jack this was an eye-opening experience.

As Jack starts his senior year, this opportunity has given him a chance to think more about college and what he sees for his future.  We know that no matter what he does, Jack has a bright future ahead of him.