Meet Juan

Meet Sophomore Juan Gonzalez and read about his HOBY Leadership Training this past summer.

Learning takes place all year round, in the classroom and out of the classroom. Juan Gonzalez, a St. Francis de Sales Junior, epitomizes the well-rounded student and the yearlong learner.

In the classroom – 

Juan likes all his classes and has learned the lessons in the classroom can impact his current experiences:

“I had a project in my World Geography class during freshman year which had me doing research on the violation of Human Rights. I learned that there are still people in the modern world that are not receiving the treatment that they, as humans, should deserve. The problems of the past are not all gone yet.”

This learning was reflected in his summer experience at the HOBY Leadership Program.

 Over the summer---

Excel. Lead. Empower.  The HOBY Leadership Program taught Juan the importance of giving his best effort, the true meaning of leadership and empowered him to reach his goals.

Watch this video! 


“My summer leadership program was called HOBY, which stands for "Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership." It was held in Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, Illinois. Their objective is to inspire teens to devote themselves to leadership. I learned that leadership is not a rank. It involves helping others, becoming a role model, and doing the right thing. With my group, we worked on problems together as a team, and found solutions to difficult challenges. We also reflected on how we could be a leader in our own community too.”

“The summer experience taught me to give all my effort towards anything. Whether it be work that has to get done or meeting someone for the first time, I should always show and give 110%. I plan to be a strong leader.”

Juan knows that one way he can do that is to take his learning beyond the classroom into his many activities

Outside the classroom ---

Coming from Immaculate Conception, Juan started off his high school career getting involved in many activities. Juan participates in the following clubs at St. Francis de Sales:

Drama, Podcasting, Campus Ministry, Student Council, and National Honor Society.

He also has been awarded for his hard work.

“I have obtained the Valenti Scholarship, became one of the student ambassadors for the Big Shoulders Humanitarian Award Dinner, and have been accepted into Student Council and NHS.”

Being a well-rounded learner, we know Juan can reach his goals

Juan Gonzalez plans to attend college after SFDSHS and his career aspirations are to be a software engineer.

“SFDSHS helps me in so many ways, including offering me actual course work in my potential field of study -- Computer Applications. I know I need to be persistent, and St Francis de Sales is already helping me through the challenging work, big projects, outside activities, and opportunities to lead.”

Juan is truly a well rounded student and brings so much to our school. We can’t wait to see what more he will do at St. Francis de Sales, in college and in life.