Dear Families

I am proud to welcome you to St. Francis de Sales High School.  We are a co-educational Roman Catholic high school, located in the Eastside Neighborhood of Chicago.

St. Francis de Sales is a school where one can truly discover who they are as a human person.  Here, students will learn the Truths of the faith while gaining an exposure to the devotional life of the Church and opportunities for service.  They will engage in a rigorous course of study, delving into Theology, Math and the Sciences, and the Humanities. We strive to challenge students at all levels; those who excel, as well as those who may learn differently and need some extra support along the way.     

We also have numerous co-curricular offerings, helping our young people develop physically, as well as spiritually and intellectually. We see our clubs and athletic teams as tremendous opportunities for the students to develop leadership skills and discover the fullness of their talents.  

Our success comes from committed and dedicated faculty and staff, hard working and engaged students, and supportive families, alumni and partners. Here are just a few facts that highlight our school’s strength:

  • Our incoming 9th grade class is up 50% over last year
  • We conducted a curriculum audit and added seven new courses for the 2016-2017 school year including two new AP courses, Latin, and Human Anthropology.
  • Our ACT increased nearly two points last year.
  • Our seniors were accepted into many prestigious schools receiving over $3 million in scholarships
  • We were blessed to have a visit from Archbishop Cupich last January.
  • Our students participated in numerous extra-curricular activities
  • We have the support of Big Shoulders Fund, a number of foundations and a strong, engaged alumni base

Our team here at St. Francis de Sales works hard every day to educate our students, prepare them for college and even more importantly, to prepare them for life.

Our success is your success. We offer an authentic, Catholic education, rooted in traditional academic excellence, serving the young men and women of the Eastside Neighborhood and beyond.  

John Kimec