$200 Discount Ends Soon For 2019 Greece Trip!

EF Tours  is offerning a $200 discount for students who enroll on the trip to Greece 2019 by November 24th.  With a $95 deposit you can secure your child's spot on the tour as well as secure the $200 discount.  Once you pay the $95 enrollment fee, the price for the trip is locked in at the current rate. It will not increase.  Monthly payments will eventually be required, but by enrolling this early, you can determine the amount you would like to pay initially.  


The only amount needed to enroll is the $95.  You may do that online at www.eftours.com/2038478MP or over the phone at 1-800-665-5364.

The trips we offer every year are open to ALL SFDS students. Parents are welcome to come along on the tour as well.

 Mr. Sanchez and I will be chaperones for the 2018 and 2019 trip. We also have a full time Tour director who is a resident of the area, knows the language well, and will be with us 24/7.

Students interested in the 2018 trip to London, Paris, Florence and Rome are still able to enroll by clicking on the link below:

London, Paris, Florence Rome 2018:  www.eftours.com/1899803ct   

Once again, the link below will direct you to the 2019 trip to Greece. Please call me if you have any questions regarding the trip.

Grecian Odyssey 2019: http://www.eftours.com/2038478mp