Tax Credit Scholarships -- EMPOWER ILLINOIS RE-OPENS Tuesday February 27th at 7pm

UPDATE: Empower Illinois opens Tuesday February 27th at 7pm.

Read information on their new two step process here: . 

St. Francis de Sales will be open on Tuesday February 27th to help families register to apply. Doors open at 6:30pm and Empower Illinois starts accepting registration at 7pm in their new two step application process.  Read more about the registration and application process here

Remember! Tax Credit Scholarships will offer many families scholarships to cover FULL tuition.

Empower Illinois, a scholarship granting organization (SGO), established to enact the Invest in Kids Act, will begin accepting registrations on Tuesday February 27th at 7pm. Tax Scholarships will be given on a first come, first serve basis so all families must reserve their spot to apply on Tuesday evening. Families will not receive any financial aid until they register and apply for Tax Scholarships. 

The new process is a two step process. Step one is to register/reserve your spot on Tuesday at 7pm. Step two follows within a week or so when Empower Illinois sends you a link to fill in the full application. Once you receive the link, you have three days to apply providing all required materials. Link here to see step by step guide to the application.

See the Empower IL website - - and read here for more information on the materials you will need to gather and information on how to apply:

If you have any questions, please email or call John Kimec at 773-731-7272, We are excited about our future and about your student’s future. St. Francis de Sales is successful because of the support of and partnership with our families, our alumni, our staff and Big Shoulders Fund.  Tax Credit Scholarships will help you and will help our school as we work together to serve our current generation of students.